1. Name of the Association:The name of the Association shall be “ALL ODISHA TAX ADVOCATE'S ASSOCIATION”.

2. Location :Regd. office of the Association shall be located at 1, Link Road, (Near Prime Hospital), P.O-Arunoday Market, P.S-Badambadi, Dist-Cuttack-753012 (Odisha).

3. Area of Operation : Throughout the State of Odisha.

4. Aims & Objectives of the Association:The Association namely “ALL ODISHA TAX ADVOCATES’ ASSOCIATION” is a non-political, non-Government, non-profitable, voluntary and philanthropic organization created with the objects:-

  1. a.To provide a Forum for all the Tax Lawyers/ Tax Advocates practicing in different courts/offices within the State of Odisha, those have been enrolled as Advocates under Odisha State Bar Council/ Bar Council of India.
  2. b.To meet periodically and discuss matters of legal importance, amendments of Taxation Laws, Acts and Rules, various case laws relating to prevailing Tax Laws, other laws relating to the profession and professional welfare of the members i.e. members of this Association.
  3. c. To maintain high standard of professional ethics and dignity in the profession.
  4. d. To expand the scope of the profession and create various opportunities for the professionals in order to bring all round development of the members of this Association within the State of Odisha.
  5. e. To help the members of this Association in all possible manners in their profession and at times of distress.
  6. f. To discuss, arrange seminars, symposiums, workshops, meetings on different subjects with special importance to Tax laws.
  7. g. To establish website, maintain libraries/e-libraries containing books of legal importance and of human value for the benefit of it’s members as well as all sections of the society.
  8. h. To raise funds by way of entry fee, membership fee, donations, subscriptions, deposits, contributions from the members of the Association and grants in aid from local bodies, State / Central Government / Foreign Agencies, Companies, other societies/trusts for carrying on the activities of the Association
  9. i. To do such other acts as would be conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Association and furtherance of the interests of its members.
  10. j. To publish Magazines/Bulletins/Souvenir periodically regarding the activities of the Association as well as on various legal issues beneficial to it’s members and the society at large.
  11. k. The Association has been established with the conviction that it shall work for every human being in the society to get his right to justice in social, economic, educational, environmental, cultural sphere and also file public interest litigations before courts of law and quasi-judicial authorities on common cause relating to the issues arising out of both direct and indirect tax laws and on any other subjects concerning tax professionals, tax practitioners, tax payers, tax administration and on all issues on taxes.
  12. l. To create awareness among the general public about their rights, social duties and responsibilities.
  13. m. To undertake various programs by which the people shall know how to save them from exploitation and aware them about prevailing laws through legal aid clinics.
  14. n. To co-operate with other Associations with similar objectives for the furtherance of their activities.
  15. o. To do social welfare work among the general public through the aid and assistance of the members and other agencies.

The undersigned members are desirous of forming an Association namely“ALL ODISHA TAX ADVOCATES’ ASSOCIATION” in pursuance of the Memorandum of the Association and we believe that the facts stated above are true to the best of our knowledge.

Sl. No. Name & Address Age Designation Occupation Signature
1 Member Advocate
2 Member Advocate
3 Member Advocate
4 Member Advocate
5 Member Advocate
6 Member Advocate
7 Member Advocate
8 Member Advocate
9 Member Advocate
10 Member Advocate
11 Member Advocate
12 Member Advocate
13 Member Advocate


Sl. No. Name & Address Age Designation Occupation Signature
1 President Advocate
2 Vice President Advocate
3 Vice President Advocate
4 Vice President Advocate
5 Vice President Advocate
6 Vice President Advocate
7 General Secretary Advocate
8 Working Secretary Advocate
9 Asst-Secretary Advocate
10 Asst-Secretary Advocate
11 Asst-Secretary Advocate
12 Asst-Secretary Advocate
13 Asst-Secretary Advocate
14 Treasurer Advocate
15 Member Advocate
16 Member Advocate
17 Member Advocate
18 Member Advocate
19 Treasurer Advocate
20 Member Advocate
21 Member Advocate
22 Member Advocate
23 Member Advocate
24 Member Advocate
25 Member Advocate
26 Member Advocate
27 Member Advocate


Sl. No. Name & Address Age Designation Occupation Signature

Certified that this is true and correct copy of the Memorandum of the“ALL ODISHA TAX ADVOCATES’ ASSOCIATION”.

PRESIDENT                                          GENERAL SECRETARY                                           TREASURER